Frequently asked questions and tips

Why British Newsletters?

The tool is easy to use, powerful and completely adapted for targeted e-mails in accordance with the Data Protection Act, GDPR. Newsletters are a very affordable and effective marketing method, as well as a flexible method for reaching out with information to their customers. You can also easily see the number of recipients who have opened the newsletter and how many have clicked on links in the mailing.

How do we get started?

We help you get started, which means that we import your contact lists for you and help you put together the first template / layout.

Can we influence the design of our newsletters?

Absolutely! The tool has an editor that allows you to design your newsletters to suit your profile and your business. We also provide a number of newsletter templates where you can choose a ready-made template / design to start from. Of course, you can also develop a design template from scratch or you can let us do the work for you. If you want help designing a selling template, we will help you at a favorable price.

Can I collect email addresses on my website?

Absolutely, either you can have a registration form on your website or you can forward the visitors to a form at British Newsletter. In this way, your visitors can register themselves to take part in your mailings.

Can we set up our existing customer register?

Getting in touch is easy. All you need to do is save the contacts in a text file or an excel document and then you can easily import the contacts into the tool. If you run into problems, you can always ask us for good advice.

What happens if we send more mailings than our subscription allows?

You can not send out more newsletters than your subscription allows. However, you can choose to upgrade your subscription at any time. In the tool, you will receive a message that your maximum volume has been reached and you will also receive information on how you can upgrade your subscription.

What statistics do I get for my mailings?

As soon as the newsletter has been sent, you can see in the tool how many people have read the newsletter and how many have clicked on via various links. The e-mail addresses that cannot be reached (bounce) due to being incorrect are automatically deactivated for future mailings.

Do you offer support for your services?

If you have any questions, you are of course welcome to call our support and they will help you straighten out any questions you may have and move on.

What is the difference between newsletters and spam?

Sending newsletters to a private e-mail address where the recipient has not explicitly asked to receive them is prohibited. We are therefore very careful that our users do not send out unwanted newsletters / spam. Should we receive reports of misuse of the service, the current user will be shut down with immediate effect.

How long is the binding period for the service?

As a customer, you always pay annually in advance and commit at the same time. If you do not terminate the agreement but choose to continue with the service, your subscription will be extended by one year at a time. The notice period is 3 months, so you have time to calmly evaluate the service and decide whether you want to extend or not.

Are you intrested and want to know more?

Yes, call me!

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