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Email marketing helps you to communicate efficiently with your customers, with increased sales as a result. The software is developed entirely with the data protection regulation in mind. When you use our system, you can feel confident that personal data are collected correctly.

Create newsletters

A simple but powerful program. Create your newsletters playfully easy. In our program, you use a visual editing mode, where you quickly and easily can add pictures and text and create links to your homepage.

Targeted emails increase your sales

Using our tool, you can create different recipient lists and reach the right people with the right offers and information. You can also let your visitors sign up for your emails directly on your homepage.


See how many people that actually read your newsletters and how many of them click the links to go to your homepage. This is precious information that allows you to follow up on your mailings and learn what your customers find interesting.

Easy deregistration

Follow the data protection act and avoid complaints. Deregistration should be exactly as simple as signing up. When a customer chooses to deregister, their email address is deleted automatically from future mailings. Avoid complaints and focus on those customers that are looking forward to your next mail!

Affordable marketing

Pay for the volume you use. British Newsletter is a program created to handle big as well as small volumes. All emails are sent through our servers with guaranteed reliability, which means you do not have to burden your servers. The price is adapted to the number of mailings you make.

Smooth image management

Create emails that sell. In our program, you can quickly change the size, crop, rotate and add filters. All images are stored in the archive, allowing you to access them when needed, for example, the next big weekend.

Entry fee: 99 £

We offer a powerful solution at a favorable price and will always give you good advice with free support.
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Number of recipients Mail / month Price / month
Up to 100  500 
Up to 500  Unlimited 19£
Up to 1,000  Unlimited  29£
Up to 5,000  Unlimited 49£
Up to 10,000  Unlimited 59£
Up to 20,000  Unlimited 79£

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Benefits of newsletters

Sending time-controlled newsletters via e-mail is done easily and with fantastic opportunities for increased sales and stronger customer relationships. Email marketing also provides a high response and is very cost effective.

We help you create selling emails and newsletters with your own design and company profile. The program allows you to handle e-mails of your newsletters on a timely basis, to all or selected parts of your register. This allows you to plan your mailings well in advance. You also get access to detailed statistics on who has opened your mailing and which product links they have shown the greatest interest in.

British Newsletter increases your sales

We provide you with an advanced customer register with crm functions that automatically handle mailings, notifications, unsubscriptions and replies. It also announces responses from interested recipients for further processing in sales and marketing. The system supports your other advertising and simplifies your e-mails and your e-mail marketing.

You can take advantage of email marketing for sales campaigns, customer care, invitations, internal information and much more. Our services in combination with our expertise create solid conditions to improve sales communication with your customers. In all cases, this leads to increased growth and profitability for your company.

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